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    Cirpe is the pride brand of Prajha Group. We started our journey with the name Prajha Properties & Projects (P) Ltd . Construction of residential building required following paper work before the start of actual construction. These steps are; Preparation of Residential Construction Drawings as per requirements of consumers. Estimation of material cost, labour cost & contingencies. Approval of drawings & estimates from Client. Although, residential building construction requires lots of time and is tedious work, yet its result is a permanent asset for us. The residential building construction process is a systematic task done by skilled persons. Therefore, care should be taken in the residential building construction process step by step.


Cirpe is the satisfaction Brand of Prajha Group . Cirpe provide cease-to-end solutions for all types of Commercial construction like Education institute, Hospital, Hotels, Apartment, Shopping complicated, IT industries. A incredible track file of excellence in all segments of advent earned us the fame of being an generation-pushed, useful resource-rich company with excessive requirements of Health, Safety, and Environment practices. Commercial construction is a form of production that requires a variety of talent and experience. Despite planning the same as other creation tasks, business construction focuses heavily on communique between you and your client. This conversation is what leads the consumer to be happy with the final end result. Whether it’s a small, medium, or large-scale venture, verbal exchange is critical in a business production venture.


    Developers can be simply assignment owners -- or each the proprietor and contractor of a improvement venture. In both capability, a developer has positive duties that want to be spelled out definitely within the contract files. If that is completed, the possibility of a successful final touch of the project is stronger. If the initial step is not noted, the possibilities of postpone and warfare are elevated.
    In the construction industry, a developer is typically taken into consideration to be someone who develops land through construction and who, to this quit, becomes an owner of the developed land. The developer seeks a profit from development of the land, both by way of selling a improvement, which includes a tract of residential homes, a shopping mall, or an workplace building, or by means of retaining the evolved belongings to reap a return on the funding.

    Developers can operate in many one of a kind economic preparations. Some builders shape production businesses to do their very own work, and to choose up any other work they are able to attain at an amazing price. Some are virtually agents, without an awful lot personnel, who subcontract all or maximum of the work they adopt, frequently with most effective one criterion: the lowest responsible rate. Others try and function as contractors; some succeed, emerge as mounted, and do proper construction paintings in the market region.

    Some developers have found advantages to having their own production corporation, which include making sure themselves a continuously high wellknown of construction work while not having to pay for complete-time inspection. Having their very own construction company gives those builders a degree of pliability in contracting, now not usually possible with different contractors, via aggressive bidding and it gives them maximum control over development tasks and expenses.


A joint undertaking is an enterprise entity created by way of two or extra parties, typically characterized by shared possession, shared returns and dangers, and shared governance. Through our joint ventures, we've given the landowners unparalleled price for their land by using growing buildings with a rare mixture of Superior Construction, Exclusive amenities, Quality material specifications, and Unique architectural elevations –all of this even as adhering to the sanctioning government’ regulations and norms.


Cirpe a pride brand of Prajha Group. We have capability and expertise in Public Private Partnership contracting company in Chennai. Cirpe providing services like Electrical Power Sub Station Construction ,Shopping complex, Carparking, STP,WTP,ETP . A public non-public partnership (PPP) shape, wherein: A authorities entity or public company enters into a settlement with a design, assemble and characteristic a mission for a fixed charge. The authorities or authorities-owned entity maintains ownership of the assignment. Public-personal partnerships (PPPs) are a mechanism for government you purchased and put into effect public infrastructure and/or offerings using the assets and facts of the non-public zone. Where governments are facing getting old or loss of infrastructure and require extra green offerings, a partnership with the personal vicinity can help foster new solutions and produce finance


Cirpe a pride brand of Prajha Group. We have capability and expertise in Public works contract. We under take various Building Construction project, where we constructed Government Hospitals, Government Colleges, Court Buildings, Universities , Industrial Estate etc. Public works agreement manner any agreement among any person, company or organization and the State or any political subdivision of the State aside from a municipality for construction, rehabilitation, conversion, extension, demolition or restore of a public constructing, motorway or other changes or improvements in real belongings, or that's financed in complete or in element with the aid of the State, which includes, but now not restrained to, matching prices, offers, loans, insurance or ensures.